6 demo areas

SINNOGENES will target the effective integration of innovative energy storage systems and value chains at the interface of renewable energies and specific demand sectors, while ensuring the compatibility of systems and standards of distributed energy storage for participation in flexibility markets. Six pilot projects will take place in Portugal, Spain, Germany, Greece and Switzerland while a detailed scalability and replicability analysis will prove the wide impact of SINNOGENES project innovations at pan European level.

  1. Maia, Portugal, Industrial Park

Energy management strategies for the optimisation of the hybrid energy storage systems of an industrial park aiming to minimize energy costs, CO2 emissions and improve the park’s reliability. In addition, the development of a dispatching platform to assist the operation and control of flexibility services for the benefit of industrial community members, distribution and transmission grids.

2. Soria, Spain, Microgrid Facility

Hybridization of energy storage systems and testing a combination of short-term energy management strategies which focus on flexibility services that increase grid stability and long-term energy management strategies which concentrate on seasonal management of the energy flows.

3. Huesca, Spain, Walqa Technology Park

Evaluation at an operational environment of the effectiveness of combining new energy storage solutions to energy systems and grids aiming to the improvement of the latter by provision of flexibility services. This will be performed by management of the energy assets, operation and integration of a hydrogen storage solution into an electricity-hydrogen grid system.

4. Herzberg, Germany, SAND production site

Optimisation of the control of the facility and a combination of electrical and heat storage that will minimise the surplus energy produced by the supply system. The micro grid will control all energy sources optimising their operation and all consumers calculating their needs based on economic performance indicators.

5. Ikaria, Greece, Hydro-Pumped storage plant

Validation of the new hydro-pumped storage plant installed in Ikaria and of the existing hybrid wind-hydro system. Additionally, future scenarios for the grid interconnection of the islands of Ikaria and Samos will be evaluated.

6. Geneva Canton, Switzerland, Public Transport services

Identification of pathways to minimise energy consumption, addressing energy storage flexibility issues such as local grid congestion or balancing needs and testing several approaches for the connection of energy management services with existing infrastructure.