Developing the Storage INNOvations energy toolkit


To design, apply and demonstrate a toolkit that offers a complete approach in the management and assessment of energy storage technologies.

Solar Panels
Solar Panels

To suggest a series of energy storage technologies which can be combined into different system applications.

To reduce regulatory barriers while exploring market compliance requirements of energy storage technologies for supporting decarbonisation targets and flexibility services.

Solar Panels
Solar Panels

To develop and demonstrate data-driven digital applications, while ensuring data interoperability in the energy storage ecosystem in order to enable innovative storage technologies across the EU.

To identify, quantify, and evaluate the advantages of grid-connected energy storage from a technical, environmental and economic point of view.

Solar Panels
Solar Panels

To produce ways in order to the SINNOGENES technologies can be replicated by sites across Europe, perform an impact assessment study of the SINNOGENES energy toolkit compatibility in relation to EC modelling methods, and guarantee a solid dissemination strategy and a purposeful participation in the BRIDGE activities.

The aim

Integrate innovative energy storage systems

The European Commission’s Long-Term Strategy illustrates several ways in order to reach a decarbonisation level of over 80%. The European power system has to deal with the residual load variability, on all timescales: from frequency response to inter-year flexibility. The main solutions to provide flexibility are networks, demand-response, dispatchable and flexible power generation technologies, and mainly energy storage. The use of innovative technologies associated with energy storage is of primary importance for the clean energy transition. Sustainability and circular economy approach for storage innovations will minimize the environmental impact.

  • SINNOGENES project primary aim is to develop the Storage INNOvations (SINNO) energy toolkit, which is a complete framework of methodologies, tools and technologies that will enable the grid integration of innovative storage solutions, while demonstrating sustainability, technical performance, independence from cost and geographical characteristics. It will utilize successful energy storage business cases and systems at different scales and timeframes.

  • SINNOGENES will effectively integrate innovative energy storage systems and value chains at the interface of renewable energies and specific demand sectors, while safeguarding the compatibility of systems and ensure the standards of distributed energy storage for participation in flexibility markets.

Meet our Demos!

Demonstration of innovative storage technologies through different applications in various energy-carriers

Electrical, mechanical, electrochemical, and thermal storage are demonstrated in the pilots, in various configurations.


  • Demo site #1: Maia, Portugal, Industrial Park

  • Demo site #2: Soria, Spain, Microgrid Facility
  • Demo site #3: Huesca, Spain, Walqa Technology Park

  • Demo site #4: Herzberg, Germany, SAND production site

  • Demo site #5: Ikaria, Greece, Hydro-Pumped storage plant

  • Demo site #6: Geneva Canton, Switzerland, Public Transport services


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